Gun Crime. Max Time.

Gunshots Bounce!

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Someone’s died, gunshots right outside
Your father, he’s dead…
I see him in my head, poor father
When them bullets get to flyin’, Homeys get to dyin’
Mommas start cryin, 12 come around
Fingers pointed now
Whole crew demised
Everybody lyin’, Everybody fixin’ to go on trial

Who’s gonna hold it down? You ‘bout to go to the Feds
Get that in your head, this ain’t juvenile
Even if you ain’t pull out the pistol
You was a witness
So you was given 20 years penitentiary, that was your prize for never
None of your guys did mention that you were the good kid Kendrick
What if they did, would that bring homeys from dead? You shootin’ you with
that lead.
Real talk man, pullin’ that trigger ‘gon mess up lives forever, especially your’
Besides…you can’t kill that gun charge.

  • Music track: Carlos Broady
  • Lyrics: Marco Pave' and Howard Robertson 
  • Rap & Voiceover: Marco Pave'
  • Copyright 2017