Mentor a Child

Mentor a Child


The District Attorney’s Every DAy in School Mentoring Program is a truancy reduction program designed to provide support to students, parents, and schools to:

  • Decrease habitual truancy occurring in middle schools
  • Reduce student contact with the juvenile justice system
  • Reduce youth involvement in criminal activity and gangs

Mentors are volunteers from the community willing to spend a minimum of eight hours per month with a student. The D.A.’s Office trains the mentors and provides assistance in ensuring the mentor/mentee relationship is productive and beneficial.

Far too often, habitual truancy is a gateway to delinquency. By being mentors, citizens can help move youth in our community on productive paths and away from criminal behavior.

Find out more about the program and how to become a mentor.

Did You Know?

One in three children grow up without any sort of mentor in their lives.

Mentors, both formal and informal, can make an enormous impact in children’s lives. A mentor can help provide guidance and a sense of direction, helping his or her mentee with important decisions.

One-third of children grow up without that sort of guidance. That means no one to walk them through their most difficult moments, and that lack of guidance during their formative years can result in struggles later in life.

Choosing to become a mentor will not only impact a child’s life—it will also bring fulfillment and joy to your own.

Getting Started

We are excited that you are considering mentoring a child in your community. Wondering where to start? We recommend considering your answers to these questions so you can be paired up with a child whose needs you can effectively meet:

  • Am I willing to spend a minimum of eight hours per month with a student?
  • What age groups am I willing to work with?
  • Am I willing to mentor in a group setting, or do I prefer one-on-one sessions?

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