County Funds Additional Evening Reporting Center

County Funds Additional Evening Reporting Center

The Shelby County Commission has approved a contract proposed by County Mayor Lee Harris between Shelby County and the Shelby  County Schools (SCS) for SCS to operate an evening reporting center (ERC) at George Washington Carver College and Career Academy.

The ERC is an after school program that will serve youth in the Shelby County Juvenile Court system who either have delinquency cases pending or who are to be served through the center as a condition of their case dispositions. It will offer educational and recreational activities for those being served, with the goal of reducing repeat offenders.

The one year contract with SCS is for approximately $309,000, with an option to renew.

An objective of the Operation: Safe Community plan is to develop a system of evening reporting centers to serve delinquent youth at the community level. Some youthful offenders occupy a space between those who are detained at Juvenile Court due to public safety concerns and those youth who are unlikely to re-offend. For those youth occupying that in-between space, addressing the vulnerable time in their schedules at the end of the school day can serve as a powerful intervention. Research has demonstrated that after school and evening hours present a peak window during which delinquent acts occur.

The SCS – operated  ERC will be the community’s second such facility. The other facility is operated by Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow-Up (JIFF) and also receives funding from Shelby County.

ERCs pick up youth at their schools and transport them to the facility; provide home work supervision, physical activity, dinner, mentoring and counseling; and transport them home in the evening. The ERC model is recognized by the Annie E. Casey Foundation as a best practice and is operating in numerous cities across the country. 

Our thanks to Mayor Harris and the County Commission for advancing this part of the Operation: Safe Community plan.

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