CrimeStoppers Awards Are Up

CrimeStoppers Awards Are Up

During the first six months of this year, the number of CrimeStoppers tips resulting in criminal charges filed and awards made increased by almost 20 percent over the first half of last year. 

Through June, CrimeStoppers had approved awards on 158 cases compared to 133 through June of 2018. An award is approved for a tip to CrimeStoppers once charges are brought against someone based in part on that tip.

“Every city, including Memphis, will always need more police officers, but no matter how many we are able to afford, there will never be enough to be everywhere. This means we must have citizen involvement. ‘Someone’ knows something about every crime, and it may be one small detail that makes the difference in solving a case and bringing a criminal to justice. Contacting us is a safe, proven, and anonymous way to participate in fighting the crime that plagues virtually every neighborhood. Don’t simply ‘support your local police.’ Help them do their job to keep all of us safe,” said E. Winslow

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