Neighborhood Watch Featured Community: Forest Lakes Zone 1

Neighborhood Watch Featured Community: Forest Lakes Zone 1

A neighborhood watch group is an organized group of citizens dedicated to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. They normally live in the same community and work as a team to make their neighborhood safer. The neighborhood watch group meets regularly and communicates issues and concerns with local law enforcement to reduce crime and improve the neighborhood’s quality of life. 

One neighborhood watch group residing in the Raleigh community of Memphis, TN, has shown a great dedication by having monthly meetings every month since October 26, 2017, when they were first established. Forest Lakes Zone 1 neighborhood watch group is being recognized by Old Allen Station and Memphis Crime Commission for their commitment to having a safer community. 

Mrs. Diane Benson (president) and Mrs. Barbara Turner (assistant president) have lead Forest Lakes Zone 1 with passion and resolution for their neighborhood. The group is always present for monthly meetings at Old Allen Station as well as having their personal monthly meetings. Interviewing this great group was both welcoming and awe-inspiring. This group has continued to look after one another over the years and will continue doing so. Crime has continued to decrease in their neighborhood, while crime increased surrounding them.  Forest Lakes Zone 1 is what a successful neighborhood watch group looks like. 

Congratulations Forest Lakes Zone 1.

Interview and Article by Officer LaKenya Smith-Turner
Community Outreach/Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Memphis Police Department Old Allen Precinct

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