Proposed Gun Legislation Bill

Proposed Gun Legislation Bill

Statement by the Crime Commission Board of Directors

A key objective of the local Safe Community Plan is a reduction in gun violence.

To achieve that objective, the Crime Commission has supported (1) the successful enactment of tougher state sentences for the illegal possession of guns by convicted felons, (2) strong prosecution efforts at both the federal and state levels for gun crimes, and (3) a communication campaign (called FED UP) to communicate the consequences of engaging in gun crime.

Governor Bill Lee has proposed…. [use the link below to continue reading this statement]

Crime Commission Opposes Handgun Carry Proposal, Supports Tougher Sentences

In a unanimous vote of 39 out of 49 members participating, the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission board of directors has voted to (1) oppose legislation that would allow the carrying of a handgun – openly or concealed – without a handgun permit and (2) support proposed enhanced sentences for theft of guns and for convicted felons in possession of guns.

Accompanying this media release is the full statement adopted by the board of directors, which includes…. [use the link below to continue reading]

Proposed Gun Legislation Bill

Section 1: Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1307, is amended by adding the following new subsection: It is an exception to the application of subsection (a) that a person is carrying, whether openly or concealed, a handgun and…. [use the link below to continue reading this bill]

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