The Memphis Shelby Crime Commission seeks to improve public safety in the Memphis and Shelby County community by identifying and promoting evidence-based best practices.

1.4%Green Caret Icon Down
Overall Crime Rate in Shelby County
In 2021 Compared to 2020
1.2% Red Caret Icon Up
Major Violent Crime Rate in Shelby County
In 2021 Compared to 2020
6.0%Green Caret Icon Down
Major Property Crime Rate in Shelby County
In 2021 Compared to 2020

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Join Neighborhood Watch

Law enforcement can’t prevent and reduce crime alone. It also takes engaged citizens at the neighborhood level. Join or organize a neighborhood watch group today.

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Share Our Survey Findings

Your voice matters. That’s why we surveyed countywide for public opinion on crime and policing. Download the findings and share!

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Mentor a Child

Habitual truancy is often a gateway to delinquency. Mentors can help move youth on to productive paths and away from criminal behavior. Become a mentor today.

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Be an Advocate

Spread the word that there is a Safe Community Plan to prevent and reduce crime. Donate to support Plan implementation and measure progress.

Join Safe Community

Join Safe Community

Join our safe community that is committed to building and encouraging safety. Together we can make Memphis and Shelby County a safer place.

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Donate to the Crime Commission to support Safe Community Plan implementation and to measure progress. Join us in building a safer Memphis and Shelby County.

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