New Five-Year Safe Community Action Plan Unveiled.

A new five-year Safe Community Action Plan has been released containing 20 specific steps to make the Memphis community safer. Development of the plan was spearheaded by the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission and adopted by the Crime Commission Board of Directors. It was developed with input from a total of 11 community meetings which attracted a total of some 800 participants, recommendations from key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, and the results of a public opinion poll conducted in September of 2021. The new plan is composed of evidence-based and evidence- informed best practices, some of which have been
implemented either in other cities, the Memphis community, or both. On the front end, in order to bring needed focus, the Crime Commission Board of Directors set five broad parameters for each action step in the plan, specifically, that it was:

1. Requested and/or supported by the relevant key stakeholders,
2. Designed to have a direct or indirect impact on the violent crime rate in particular,
3. Evidence-based or evidence-informed,
4. Designed to have a direct or indirect impact on the criminal justice system, and
5. Subject to an independent evaluation of both processes and outcomes once implemented.

[A copy of the complete Safe Community Action Plan can be found at the link below and will soon be updated online on the Safety Plan page]

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