Memphis city Police vehicle parked up under a tree downtown
Assessment of Data-Driven Deployment by the Memphis Police Department

INTRODUCTION – Data-driven policing has been a priority for Memphis Police Department (MPD) for more than 10 years. During the initial Operation: Safe Community Plan 1 (2007–11), MPD expanded its data-driven ability by updating the technology used and increasing its personnel. According to the Real Time Crime Center website, this technology allows MPD “to receive instant information on recent criminal activity in a radius around a crime, existing crime patterns in the neighborhood and a history of people with arrest records who may frequent the area.” Successful policing should have good data and intelligence gathering abilities, such as hot spot analysis. Hot spots can help police identify areas of high crime to better prevent and solve crime. The objective of this assessment is to examine if MPD is deploying its resources to the best of its abilities through a data-driven approach…. [use the link below to continue reading this assessment]

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