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Interim Assessment of Gang Injunctions and Safety Zones in Memphis

INTRODUCTION – In Sept. 2013, as the result of Multi-Agency Gang Unit (MGU) investigations into reports of criminal gang activity in the Riverside area of South Memphis (part of the Memphis Police Department’s Airways precinct), the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office (DA) filed the first nuisance petition against the “Riverside Rollin’ 90’s Neighborhood Crips” (R90). In response to the petition, General Sessions Court Judge Larry Potter issued an injunction against R90 members, creating a 4.6-square-mile “safety zone.” This process was followed three more times to obtain five more injunctions: 1) Oct. 2014 against the “Dixie Homes Murda Gang/47 NHC” (DHMG) in the North Main precinct; 2) Dec. 2014 for two injunctions against the “FAM Mob” in two areas of the Old Allen precinct and 3) Jan. 2016 for injunctions against the “Grape Street Crips” (GSC) and “Vice Lords” (VL) in two overlapping areas of the Tillman Precinct.

In each instance, the gang was declared a “public nuisance,” and members were required to abide by the following 11 requirements with respect to their behaviors in the safety zones:

  1. Do not associate | Members may not appear together in public view or any place accessible to the public (does not include inside a school while attending classes or a place of worship).
  2. No intimidation | Members may not confront or provoke any person known to be a witness to any activity of gang members.
  3. No guns or dangerous weapons | Members may not possess any gun ammunition or illegal weapons, and must not remain in the presence of them…..[use the link below to continue reading this assessment]

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