Join Neighborhood Watch

What Is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood watch programs are comprised of individuals living in the same area who aim to work together with law enforcement toward safer neighborhoods and communities. Programs exist throughout the U.S. and have been a staple of many communities since the 1960s.


Be Active in Neighborhood Watch

Law enforcement can’t prevent and reduce crime alone. It takes engaged citizens at the neighborhood level as well.

One critically important way is through involvement in an active neighborhood watch group trained by law enforcement. To organize a neighborhood watch group or find out if one already exists in your neighborhood:

  • Contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at your MPD precinct if you live in Memphis
  • Contact your police department if you live in one of the other Shelby County cities
  • Contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at [email protected] if you live in unincorporated Shelby County.


Steps Toward A Safer Neighborhood

Neighborhood watch programs are all about creating safer communities by taking easy steps to be more aware of suspicious activity, while also ensuring that watch participants aren’t placed in harm’s way. Here are some simple steps you can take toward keeping your neighborhood safe:

  • Know your neighbors
  • Secure your home—motion sensor lights and locked doors help deter break-ins
  • Be aware of where your children are
  • Spend time walking the neighborhood or sitting outdoors—an active neighborhood is less of a target
  • Report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities

Your local neighborhood watch program likely encourages everyone to get involved in these activities. The more people that are engaged in keeping the community safe, the less likely your neighborhood is the be the target of criminal activity.