PSI Executive Summary - Fall 2021

The Impact of Swift, Certain and Proportionate Sanctions for Probation and Parole Violators in Shelby County, Tennessee*


The Public Safety Act of 2016 enacted by the Tennessee General Assembly authorized the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) to implement a system of administrative sanctions of probationers and parolees for many of what had been termed technical violations of supervision conditions. From a policy standpoint, the system is designed to (1) insure swift, certain, and proportionate sanctions rather than facing delays through the court system and (2) reduce the level of our state’s prison population made up of individuals re-incarcerated for technical violations of supervision rather than more serious violations, including the commission of new crimes. READ MORE

For a copy of the full report  Click Here

*This work was funded through the University of Memphis Foundation by a grant from an anonymous donor.

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